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The Effects of Gender Bias on Elementary School Children Essay

The Consequences of Gender Bias on Elementary School Children "It's a woman!" Or "It is a boy!" Is generally the first thing parents hear following the birth of a child. This simple statement of fact sets the groundwork for every interaction they'll have with their daughter or son, and for each experience that kid will have throughout their life. Gender identity--the personal experience of being female or male--creates a core part of one's sense of self (Welker). The character of this private experience is enormously influenced by what we are taught it means to be a woman or a boy, and such lessons are typically filled with instances of sex bias--what Beverly Stitt, author of Building Gender Fairness at Schools, defines as "a set of beliefs or attitudes which indicates a primary opinion or set of expectations about peoples' abilities and interests in accordance with their gender" (Stitt 3). We're educated in this way first by our family members and then, beginning at a very tender age, from the mass media. From the time children enter kindergarten, they've assimilated the transmitted sex stereotypes and accept sex discrimination as the standard. The school often encourages this lodging by exposing the kid for thirteen years to some "hidden curriculum" of gender inequality, imparted by instructors who do little to relieve its effects. The outcome is that generation after generation of girls are prohibited from reaching their entire potential as individuals and as members of society. In this nation, education was regarded as the great equalizer that made the circumstances of one's birth irrelevant to one's capacity to prosper. Beginning in the principal school, we have to teach and practice sex improvement. Since Andrew Windass,...

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