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Anna Letitia Barbauld's Washing Day Essay

Anna Letitia Barbauld's Washing Day In "Washing Day" Anna Letitia Barbauld has done that which Romantic poets can perform best. She writes of an event which happens occasionally in every-day life, but she elevates the entire washing day chore into a struggle of epic proportions. Barbauld perspectives the experience of wash day from the point of view of the girl she's and the kid she had been. Sometimes she's the poet that relates the Muses' tune as a medieval minstrel might. Her skillful use of irony and hyperbole enables this poem to communicate with contemporary readers the exact same humor and insight that an eighteenth-century audience would have enjoyed. Barbauld utilizes classical references and a few archaic words to give the poem an epic impression. However, since the topic is a fairly boring one, the poem comes with an ironic mood during. The muses of literature and art have become absorbed in the domestic gossip of housewives at work. All the petty subjects of everyday life, the delights in addition to the annoyances, are replacing the tragedies of the Greek Pantheon. She's the muses exchange their bus...

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