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The Reasons I Had Educating Essay

The Reasons I Had Educating One time as I flipped through my mom's teacher , I stumbled across a verse that said, "Some rely on bonds and stocks in order to get security. Other people spend in children's lives and therefore are builder for eternity" I didn't realize the importance of this poetry until my uncle asked me why I needed to be a teacher. I fought for a second, I simply replied with that verse I'd read years before. Now, though I ask myself do I really understand why I want to commit my life to the improvement of our future -- why do I want to be a teacher. Many reasons pop into my head, yet only a few really explain my desire to educate. I'd like to be a teacher not simply due to the benefits of the instructor's lifestyle, but also due to the blessed joy of working with children, the fact I will continue to grow and learn, and also the chance to make a positive impact on a kid. First, the obvious reasons why so many men and women go in the field of education definitely had a slight influence in my decision. I've heard my mother say it repeatedly -- "Educating is the perfect job if you would like to raise a family". For me personally, I view raising a family among the most important duties God has given me. Therefore, off the holidays, the set workday hours, and the summer holiday all contribute to the reason I chose teaching. Yet, another tiny benefit is that you can get insider's advice on what's happening with your child's schooling and the way he or she is really doing and acting. I recall how my mother always understood everything that I did until I told her. For me, that's a parental benefit to being a teacher. The monetary benefit of being a teacher would be the work securit...

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