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Great Expectations - The Growth of Pip in Society Essay examples

Fantastic Expectations - The Increase of Pip at Society When Joe visits Pip in London, he remains with him at Mr. Jaggers' house. Pip says that "he had little objection to his being seen by Herbert or his father, but he had the sharpest sensitiveness to his being viewed by Drummle" (218). This shows that after time had past without Joe, Pip is becoming self conscious of him and does not want his friends to meet him, fearful they might think he. Since Pip has made such good friends with everyone in his quest to becoming a gentleman, he is afraid of what they might think of him after meeting Joe. After Herbert leaves for town, Pip gives Joe lessons on good ways and how to act properly around gentlemen so Joe would not embarrass him so much. When Joe left, he also said to Pip he was going to change and he'll never be seen from the clothes that he's wearing: "It is not that I am proud but I want to be right as you'll never see me no more in these clothes" (223). Because of Joe's sudden shift in mindset, Pip perceives Joe's solid honesty and ethical depth so that he regrets his attitude toward him. After Pip realizes that he was wrong about Joe, he moves back to his first views of Joe which remain right through to the end of the novel. Mrs. Joe has a distinctly different effect on Pip which largely resulted in Pip's shyness and cowardliness throughout his childhood. Since, Pip's parents and five brothers died, Mrs. Joe felt the need to raise Pip in a strict family. Because of these strict rules suggested by his sister, Pip was always afraid when he was late or did something incorrect since his sister could yell at him or punish him if he got home: "So, I said as little as I could and I.. .

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Later within their careers, Gustav Holst and Ralph Vaughan Williams obtained fame off their unique creativity and modern day expression, but the young composers began their careers using influences via family and music exposures. The pre-World War I compositions of Holst and Vaughan Williams progress as the composers accumulate life experiences and these influences could be heard in this early music. Yet, the background music of both equally young Holst and fresh Vaughan..
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Ralph vaughan williams
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