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CREATED ON 13th March 2018

Share the depiction of girls and women's lives from the short stories of Katherine Mansfield.

Katherine Mansfield wrote all of her job between the years 1911 and 1925. This is a transitional time for women, where women began to struggle for their right to live as compared to men, who up till then had dominated society. In 1915 she started writing what she expected to be a novel, entitled 'The Aloe', which was printed in 1918 as a short story with the name 'Prelude'. In Prelude Katherine Mansfield focuses on the women and the girls, and their struggles to come to terms with their own identities. All those segments in Prelude informs of a small section of their Burnells' life. The kids in Prelude are all exaggerated variations of the adults, except Kezia. Kezia encounters dominance of men early on in the story: she is left behind in the old home with her sister Lottie, a pitiful and shy little woman, and is encouraged for tea with the sons of their neighbor. Kezia's dislike and the reason for the kiss for all these boys is apparent as soon as she takes her seat together: "That'll you have?" Requested Stanley, leaning across quite politely, and smiling at her. "Which will you have to begin with - strawberries and cream or bread and dripping?" "Strawberries and cream, please," said she. "Ah-h-h-h." How they all laughed and overcome the table with their teaspoons. Was not that a take-in! Was not it now! Were not he fox her! Great old Stan! "Ma! She thought it was true!" This scenario repeats itself in this story. Stanley Burnell, Kezia's father pretends to discuss some ribbons together with his spouse but eats them himself. Both Stanleys offer to the women things which they not only fail to deliver but offered falsely at the first place. In reaction t.. .

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