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Essay about Malaysian Wedding Customs

Everybody on earth observes! All over the planet, in every country, in every community there are different customs for how these people today celebrate. These parties range from the easiest tradition to the many elaborate traditions and even ceremonies which are beyond many people's imagination. Customs are involved in each party from a individual's birth to a person's death. Customs are used in each party; from baptisms to funerals, from birthdays to weddings, since these customs are private to the people involved, they could appear strange to outsiders. In some cases they're strangely lovely and in others they seem strangely strange. Cultural beliefs and traditions are the cornerstones which make each custom so unique. Regardless of how the cultures beliefs have been exemplified, they ought to receive the upmost respect. In a first glance is it not necessarily easy to understand where customs come from, but if analyzed in regard, each custom can at least be accepted because of its location in tradition. Around the world, the intent of a wedding is to combine two people in sacred matrimony. Even though the result of a wedding is exactly the same, there are lots of different wedding customs throughout the world. The wedding traditions celebrated in Malaysia and Scotland, are just two customs that warranted detailed examination. Both of these customs test the dedication of the couples to ascertain their capacity to be combined in a marriage. In Malaysia the wedding service entails restraint from using the restroom. Thousands of miles away, the habit in Scotland entails the blackening of the bride. Although these customs seem odd and quite different from the customs in the United States, further review will bring a much better unde...

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