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Count Bartleby Character Analysis Essay

Bartleby is a strange guy. The narrator describes Bartleby as a "pale" person many occasions in "Bartleby the Scrivener": "that pale young scrivener, by the name of Bartleby" (level. 83). Melville's narrative was published in 1853 and he alludes to Bartleby having a character that's not human, which character consists of a vampire. Bartleby isn't a traditional vampire, with no urge to kill people due to their insatiable need for blood. A traditional vampire has certain characteristics: light, dead, tidy, glamour# 1, as well as neat. Additionally they drink blood, demand no perspiration, are in great health, and frequently keep to themselves. From the story, Melville depicts The Scrivener as a awkward human being, but Bartleby is not human. Through subtle cues provided by Melville through the story, Bartleby must be a vampire. Bartleby's look is congruent with the physiological characteristics of a vampire. The Scrivener is described as having grey eyes, pale face, small build, not ill, doesn't eat, and doesn't move outside of the narrators workplace: "I had been very sure he never visited any refectory or eating house" (par. 92). Bartleby was never seen ingesting food. He was seen eating ginger nuts, but not anything else. Vampires can consume food which people do, but they generally only need human blood. Although food does not hurt individuals, they could eat food if they so desire; it doesn't provide them the nutrients which are required to survive. Nobody in the narrative ever saw Bartleby eat or drink anything apart from ginger nuts, meaning he doesn't demand food, however something more healthy. He could have maybe wanted human blood. The Scrivener's features shine through in a number of these narrators comments: "[] pallidly neat, pitiably respectable, incurably forlorn!" (pa...

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