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Essay about Art and 20th Century Technology

Art and 20th Century Technology When asked to think of a kind of 20th century technology, the majority of people now would automatically picture the computer. The computer has surpassed all other types of machines . In approximately two years, the computer has been able to get almost every element of our lives. From small companies who rely on PCs to Macintosh's famous Apples for students to market computers in the classroom. Much of our lives have been recorded on computer databases somewhere. Bank accounts, hospital records, and tax documents are all kept on databases in the computer. Computers and computer programs have allowed for developments in telematics, robotics and also have allowed for the evolution of the CAD (Computer Aided Drafting ) program for architects. This machine has also invaded the artistic world. Artists in the modern society are faced with numerous choices in what they produce. An individual must choose between from various subject matters in the world and must decide choose from the many different types of media available to the artist. One such media which has caused controversy over the art world is that the use of computers and other such electronics in the creation of art. With the addition of this new technology comes higher opportunities for the artist to express himself. In Nicholas Kurti's essay, "Science and Technology: Blessing or Curse to the Arts? ," he points out that the dictionary definition of art is "the conscious production or arrangement of sounds, colors, forms, movements, or other components that affect the sense of attractiveness." This is the accepted definition of all art, such as music, dance and the visual arts. He moves on to reiterate the fact that art is interactive...

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