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A Freaky Story - First Writing Essay

A Freaky Story - Original Writing I was sitting in my room doing nothing. There was quiet in the entire home. I was lonely at home. There was a faint 'thump, thump' coming from someplace like someone was walking on the floorboards. I ignored it thinking it was the tick-tock of the clock. I was too tired and bored to think of anything at the moment. My mind was blank. I'd have gone over to a buddy's place but I wasn't allowed out of their home until my parents and my sister came back. Both my brothers -- Will and Henry - are off at Sandhurst Military Academy. Thus, it's just me and my sister in the home today. You see, me and my sister are twins -- equal. Her name is Michelle. I am younger to her about two minutes. Or One and a half to become more exact. Though we are pretty much alike on the outside, we are two quite different people, differently. My sister is more into all this romantic mushy-mushy stuff that I do not like in any way! I am more into sports and I love anything and adventure exciting. Michelle and I go swimming and play tennis together. We get along well with each other because we have a number of items that we both like as well. Horse-riding and also the love for horses that we both share is one of numerous things that make us get together well. We go riding every weekend and have a tendency to our brothers' and cousin Zara's numerous horses. I guess it probably runs in the household. In addition, we like the same kind of audio (well, the majority of the times!) , hanging out with our buddies and just messing about and playing in water. We have a water battle when our cousins come over or we proceed to their residence. Enough about me. Now to get on.

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