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Media and Body Image Essay

We hear expressions everyday like "Looks don't matter; attractiveness is only skin-deep", however we dwell at a decade that contradicts this very thought. If looks don't matter, then why are a lot of women harming themselves since they are not satisfied with the way they look? If looks do not matter, then why is your press using airbrushing to conceal any flaws that you has? That is because with the media establishing unattainable standards for body devotion, American Girls have taken drastic measures to survive up to these impractical societal expectations. "The 'body image' build tends to include a combination of self-perceptions, thoughts and feelings of the physical attributes. It's linked to self-esteem as well as the person's emotional stability" (Wykes 2). As portrayed through all parts of social media, while it's through the television, Internet, or social media, we are tapped to a glance that we want we could possess; a toned body, long legs, and nicely delineated six-pack gut. Our culture promotes a body image that is "lovely" and a far cry from the ordinary woman's size 12, not two. The effects are overwhelming and we need to create more suitable adjustments as a way to help women not feel the need to live up to these unrealistic standards that have been self-imposed throughout our society. The stark reality, however, is that things haven't always been this way. If you have a look to back in the 1950s, the iconic sex symbol Marilyn Monroe epitomized the typical standard of beauty as she flaunted a size 14. "She's every guy's fantasy girl and also the envy of another girl. She had been beautiful, enchanting and exuded the aura of the angel--or so we hear"(Waters 2). We're continuously evolving our thoughts of what's ideal and as a result of this, there is.

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