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Essay on Lonesome Dove - The Journey of Newt That the Young Man

The Journey Of A Young Man Cowboys, Indians, gunfights, cows, stealing, prostitutes, alcohol, deserts, plains, and horses: Where do all these be found? Just in the Wild West. The days when the West was the most recent frontier have been maintained forever due to the many novels and movies written about them. The stories in the west are full of activity, packed with battles between cowboys and Indians, and experiences of tracking pistoleros (bandits, gunman). They're also full of play, cowboys who've fallen in love with prostitutes, discovering long-lost nearest and dearest, and the pains of growing up in hopes of being a cowboy. All of this action are discovered in a single Western book, Lonesome Dove, by Larry McMurtry. 1 motif, however, stands out from the rest of those. The subject of growing up and aging is a predominant theme in the book Lonesome Dove. Newt, the young stable hand, is now maturing and is seeking to his leaders, Augustus 'Gus' McCrae, Captain Woodrow F. Call, and other assorted cow hands like Dish Bogget, Joshua Deets, and Jake Spoon for advice and suggestions in existence. After being born to a prostitute mum, who died, Newt was increased by the Hat Creek Outfit. This outfit is like the Bad News Bears. It is a ragtag group serving no real purpose other than to steal horses from Mexican bandits then market them to travelers who happen to stop from the barren town of Lonesome Dove. This is a very harsh environment for Newt to develop in. Newt is continually looking for a companion and friend, and at the very least someone to talk to. He speaks to Deets, the sole one in the business who seems to appreciate his or her company. Call is too bashful, sudden, and embarrassed to enter long conversations with Newt. Gus certainly do...

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