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The Prince by Machiavelli Essay

Possibly the most controversial book ever written, The Prince by Machiavelli, concentrates on how a Prince or boss must rule. Many of the techniques which are said in the text have generated lots of disagreements because it's book. When Machiavelli written the Prince, his contemporaries were astonished at the ideas and topics introduced. The Prince introduced a whole new method of thinking that was nearly entirely contrary to present beliefs. Because of this, in 1559 the Pope prohibited the printing of the Prince and the rest of Machiavelli's writings. What makes the Prince so contentious? The ideas presented in the novel, such as the end justifies the way, makes it so controversial. Machiavelli's influence can be observed through out literature and history. Because of his enormous influence, Machiavelli obtained the term Machiavellian, meaning anyone characterized by the political principles and techniques which Machiavelli recommended from The Prince. There are many examples of past and present Machiavellian leaders, such as King Henry VIII, Joseph Stalin, and Adolf Hitler. Machiavelli's The Prince creates an easy guide for virtually any dictator or leader to rule and sustain energy. Machiavelli was born on May 3, 1469 in Florence, Italy. Luckily, Machiavelli had a superb education for a child. Paolo da Ronciglione, a renown Muslim teacher, taught Machiavelli. Then he attended the University of Florence and got an fantastic education there. Afterwards Machiavelli pursued a profession within the authorities, initially he became a clerk, and then an ambassador. Shortly afterwards, Machiavelli became Chancellor of Florence and participated in tons of diplomatic activity which also permitted him to travel regularly. Additionally, it put him in control of Florentine military, making.

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