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Essay on Transitioning from Nursing Pupil to New Graduate Nurse (NGN)

Transitioning from educational nursing college student to Registered Nurse/New Graduate Nurse (NGN) within the health care environment is a difficult task for most NGNs. They could encounter a genuine number of challenges, like the following: changeover shock, professional isolation, insufficient clinical experience, stress, insufficient a support network and cultural incompetence. At the final end, the explanation will be talked about by this essay for developing my two most significant goals for another twelve months. I presume the role transition from educational nursing pupil to Graduate Nurse will be challenging and rewarding. Within their findings, the researchers Doody, Tuohy & Deasy (2012) mentioned that for an effective transition NGNs have to be competent in a variety of domains: interpersonal skills, managing workloads, providing health information, communication, and prioritising care delivery. Although I really believe I am qualified in the above specific areas, I am still not really confident that I'd get enough support in a healthcare facility environment with regards to knowledge posting, moral support and becoming given constructive responses. Constructive criticism increases self-confidence in the task role and reduces tension in an specific (Doody, Tuohy & Deasy, 2012). In my own previous professional placements I have already been able to show my competency to function in the health care environment. I've received positive responses from placement educators, buddy patients and nurses. Despite being qualified in a variety of the over areas NGNs might still encounter transition shock. Transition shock or reality shock in the NGN may be the stress faced whilst moving from the university study phase to hospital based professional practice (Kramer, Brewer & Maguire, 2013). The NGN faces numerous challenging t...

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