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CREATED ON 12th March 2018

Grand Theft Automobile Writer

Since the video games changed radically in 1990s, video games have become a part of the mainstream of favorite amusement for children and grownups. The violence in video games has generated heated controversy for years over its potential impact on kids. The most well-known debate has come in the infamous "Grand Theft Auto" game collection. From the Grand Auto Theft video sport, the players have to kill the police to earn things and become a winner. In this essay "Video game violence along with our sons," Rebecca Hagelin claims that the violence in video games give rise to the violent behavior in teens. On the other hand, Brandon Nadeau asserts in his post "Video Games Do Not Heard" that violent video games don't contribute to the violent behavior in players. Although I agree with Nadeau that not everyone who's addicted to play violent video games would develop into a violent person, I believe that kids should not be permitted to play violent video games since the violence in video games is closely related to having more aggressive ideas, feelings, and behaviors about children. One of the impacts of violent games for children is that kids who play violent video games will increase aggressive ideas. There are numerous techniques to measure the aggressive ideas that are a result of playing violent games. 1 means to do it is to measure to see how fast the violent gamers could read aggressive-related words. In addition, children who played violent games generally gave competitive answers and more inclined to retaliate for their peers. Because of this, children who played violent games often have aggressive ideas. The lead to a hostile feature is important because it might make them behave harshly such as Devin Moo...

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