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Essay on Lack of Freedom in The Giver

Loss of Independence in The Giver The Giver, a written reserve compiled by Lois Lowry, questioned my ideas, beliefs and thoughts. The novel describes a perfect society, where everything is meant to be perfect, with all life’s problems solved. It really is all about being pleased with what the folks have rather than questioning their way of life because they didn't understand the difference between bad and the good. The individuals are denied of their preferable life-style without their understanding of how the real life is meant to be. In real life, I live each day to understand and gain freedom just as much as I could. However, the citizens of the society cannot control their life; for instance their selection of clothing, selection of having and loving emotions, or choice of family. From all existing creatures, we human beings differ because we're able to use our brain to create decisions. In the novel, the folks of the given culture have authority numbers that show them how exactly to live their lifestyle. “Katya, became a 9 and removed her locks ribbons and got her bike” (P. 14). Therefore, this previous quote is referring to how the social individuals are controlled. They haven't any say within their own life style. The guidelines start from small issue like what age group one starts to trip a bike, which generation wears particular types of jackets, the clothing one wears every day, and even what things to eat. In real life, we humans make similar decisions for our selves without great deal of thought. People need guidance within their life to the correct way of living however, not a book of guidelines. Many of.

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