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The Naturalist Suggestions Essay

Significant aspects of naturalism would be the ideas that people are basically animals responding to their fundamental urges without logical thought, and the insignificance of man to nature and others. In The Jungle, Sinclair portrays Jurgis as a guy gradually changing into creature as well as a man whose activities are insignificant to the rest of the corrupt capitalist universe of Chicago in order to show the reader that the naturalist ideas of their battles between man and society. Jurgis's struggle between human thought and animalistic tendencies are evident in many significant events in the publication. In the beginning of Jurgis's lifetime in Chicago he could dismiss the majority of the obstacles thrown at him from the corruption of man and maintain his rational thinking dominant of his animal-like instincts. However, when Jurgis finds out that Connor has broken, harassed, threatened, and raped his wife Ona, he reached his breaking point. Jurgis was so overwhelmed with rage, he reverted back to his primal instincts and "sunk his teeth into the man's cheek" (153). We again see Jurgis "animal instincts" when he escapes from town and resides in the countryside from a while. He has given up on being rational and has resorted to use his survival instincts like slipping and scavenging to live. Sinclair shows us these instincts will not help us survive in the end. Whenever Jurgis behaves like an animal, he is punished in some kind of way like an animal. When he strikes Connor, he's sent to prison and if he's in the rural area, he does not get any cash to help him survive. Moreover, Jurgis does everything he can to help his loved ones and himself endure, but regardless of his actions, the tainted society plows through him without remorse or regret. Jurgis's op...

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Prominent Edgar Allan
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