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Why We Need To Provide Universal Access to Sterile Syringes Essay

As a result of legal restrictions placed on obtaining clean syringes, the transmission of blood borne illness is high among injection drug users. Addicts discuss and reuse needles because they have difficulty obtaining sterile syringes necessary to consume one daily or per individual. Before, many held the belief that the best option was to deny addicts access to drug paraphernalia. Some still believe this is the best option despite evidence showing how injurious this coverage is. It is assumed to be good for the addict and for society to deny easy access to drug paraphernalia. As a consequence, the United States has limited access to clean syringes in several areas by passing legislation rendering the purchase, supply, and possession of syringes (without a prescription) prohibited. Yet, a 2002 publication by the Center for Law and the Public’s Health worries that “evaluation study and expertise in the field reveal that sufficient syringe access produces positive health effects without creating negative societal one” (Burris, Strathdee, and Vernick 2). Laws that prevent access to sterile syringes were not helpful in deterring drug use, nor did they slow down offense or prevent new users. What they did accomplish however; was triggering an explosion of blood borne illness around the nation. Since we know that providing access to sterile syringes has been demonstrated to limit the transmission of bacterial and viral infections among users that now can't or will not stop their illicit behavior, we should take action to eliminate access barriers. Much an increasing number of people come around to realization that clean needles are a part of the solution not the issue, antiquated laws prevent the sale and supply of those lifesaving tools. Shar...

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