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Journal Entries of Franklin Delano Roosevelt Essay

Journal Entries of Franklin Delano Roosevelt February 2nd, 1945 Dear Diary, I've just a few minutes to spare composing, as I am much in need of sleep and will be awakened at 2:00 AM to board "The Holy Cow," the plane that will transport me from here to Yalta. A seven-hour flight they inform me, a lot of it over undesirable land. If any man thinks that I'm anticipating this particular flight, let alone this entire ordeal, together with any air of amusement or excitement, then I'd inform him that he's a lot more in need of sleep than I am. Where to begin; must write concerning my day.We came in Malta this afternoon, following over a week . Normally something I'd enjoy, but the motive of this voyage prevents me out of any and all thoughts of pleasure. Anna wheeled me on the deck, in which I've been since the start of this voyage as a result of my worsening sinuses. Mr. Churchill had arrived in Malta, not a surprise, combined with Eden and the rest of his army and civilian employees. The men gift for the purposes of welcoming me were situated in the deck of The HMS Orion, yet another sea liner. Churchill is not as enthused about this summit as even Stalin, or I would much rather take allied matters into his own feeble hands. I deplore this, and can just about guarantee that Stalin feels the same exact way. Enough of this seminar, pessimistic although I may be. Following the protracted, uncalled for inviting service, I was bound to invite Churchill onto The Quincy for an informal luncheon. We made somewhat of an attempt, talking in rather loose terms, to make small conversation, which, in our scenario, is quite a difficult thing to do. Neither of us seemed to have the ability to talk o.. .

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