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Essay on Chaucer's Girls From Eve to Mary

Chaucer's Girls From Eve to Mary The Middle Ages has been an interesting time for a woman. For centuries the church normally disapproved of, with equivalent measure, women and sex. Women weren't even thought of as individual beings, and so were seen as necessary only in what they could do to help their men. When the guys left for the Crusades girls were given a bigger role in the upkeep of the husbands' homes and estates, and assumed a more public role in the community. This gave the women a greater feeling of independence, which they didn't relinquish completely when the men returned. As the men returned from the crusades they brought with them a new found willingness to thoughts, and a newfound admiration for its worship of the Virgin Mary. These are two of the factors that resulted in a picture change for girls. Girls went from being despised, into being admired and frequently admired. In Geoffrey Chaucer's The Canterbury Tales, he also uses the two women characters of the Prioress and the Wife of Bath as contrasts so as to satirize the church's perspective of women. Women were admired to be pure, unattainable, and virtuous, and not for any other talents they may have. They'd moved from Eve to Mary. The 12th century also gave us the concept of "Courtly Love", a form of which is still seen in the modern modern romance books. The stories of courtly love were at their peak at the exact same time that the church had been at its most powerful. This leaves Chaucer's characterization of the Prioress even more beautiful. By admiring her perfection, in both ways and in appearances, the narrator combines the church and Language pop culture of the time. The overlap of both can be most easily seen when the narrator explains in detail the Prioress's appearance. Hir m.. .

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