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Anna Karenina, by Leo Tolstoy Essay

Leo Tolstoy's Anna Karenina reveals the fall of a high social woman as she gives up everything for love. She resists society's expectation of girls to submissively dismiss their passions and live for raising a family. Anna and her lover Vronsky try to make their own life, separate and independent from society, thinking that their love alone will maintain each other. Nevertheless, they tragically discover that isolation isn't a life that they can survive. Vronsky's love does not mature; he does not understand how to build it beyond passion. He needs ambitions, achievements, and respect, and Anna longs both for Vronsky entirely, or for approbation: at least enough courtesy or civility not to be openly scorned and humiliated in public. Not able to empathize and appreciate what every other need and what each other have given up for one individual, desperation and resentment stockpile. Anna's suicide is as much a punishment meant for Vronsky because it is as a escape from his own grief since it's means of procuring his love for her eternally. The ultimate irony then is that Levin and Kitty realize what Anna and Vronsky so desperately searched, a fulfilling and happy lifestyle, free of society. Both Anna and Vronsky come from aristocracy, and both enjoy the decorum and pleasure which includes higher society. Anna easily slips from social circle to societal circle as Vronsky ceaselessly and confidently advances through the ranks in the army. Both are complex and laborious, and both are vain. When Vronsky followed Anna to Petersburg, "she was overcome by a sense of joyful pride to know that he was there in order to be where she was." Vronsky "felt himself a king..." and was proud of bringing such a prestigious ladies. To Vron...

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