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Parents Vs. Child Vaccination Essay

INTRODUCTION Vaccinations: a life saver or a harm to children? This is an important controversial topic that must be looked at. A vast majority of the populace receive their vaccinations, but it's the 8.2% which denied along with the 5.8% who postponed and refused, that need to be educated more about vaccines saving countless lives (Smith et al.). There are lots of pros and cons to vaccinations which are equally significant. By looking at the results, vaccines are very important and cannot be dismissed without a valid reason. BACKGROUND In the event you were asked a simple question like: what were some major outbreaks and epidemics which occurred previously that were healed by vaccines? What could you say? One thing for certain, that everybody has heard about is Polio in the early 1940s to 1952 (Smith et al.). Polio crippled many and took an extreme quantity of lives. The Polio vaccine significantly dropped the incident speed. When hearing the fantastic information on the vaccine that cures polio and lowers your chance of grabbing it, wouldn't everyone be operating to do this shot? The fair action is to help save lives and to remove this horrendous disease. You will find other epidemics like the Measles, Mumps, Rubella, Diphtheria, Smallpox, etc.. These experiments have helped in various ways and has rescued lots of lives. Vaccines became significant when Edward Jenner concocted the very first vaccine for Smallpox out of a bunny which transported the Cowpox virus. He'd discovered that a virus can be inoculated from an affiliated virus so he used the Cowpox virus (“Vaccine Timeline”). Ever since this event, vaccines have been put to use lots of times due to the fact that they do help save lives! COUNTER ARGUMENTS The parents of all children are the primary issue for this controversial topic. 1 major.

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