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CREATED ON 11th March 2018

The Effect of Internet Pornography on American Society Essay

Pornography is not anything new to American society, so why can there be a problem with the merging of the world wide web and pornographic material? Why would it make a difference if the substance is either online or in a magazine? In this paper, the dilemma of internet porn is going to be discussed with respect to its connection to the dependence of internet porn, desensitization to sexual abuse and rape, reinforcement of sexual abuse, objectification of women, sexual compulsiveness, and the reshaping of expectations concerning sex and body pictures. Online porn has become more and more popular, and one reason for this is because it is readily accessible and can be stored relatively private. There's no need to order any materials or visit a store to buy the magazines. With online porn, viewers can get a multitude of materials right on the internet. The variety is infinite and the gratification is instant. According to The US News & World Report, 17.5 million surfers visited porn sites from their home computers in January of 2004, and it will be a 40% increase from 4 months earlier (Dew, 2004). The easy access and variety of substances has been known to cause addiction in internet audiences, as pointed out by The BBC Website, “Internet porn is available in much larger amounts than traditional porn and at a more affordable costthis may be a good case of having ‘˜too much of a good thing’”(Kadu, 2004). The current numbers of men and women who are addicted to pornography are unclear, but the quote based on the Minnesota Family Institute (2004) operates as high as 5 million. As with other types of dependence, this creates the opportunity for problems in other regions of their addict’s life. Viewers often treat individuals as “mere items of...

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