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Race and Class Affecting Education Essay

The decision of Brown vs. Board influenced education nationally in 1954 by dismantling racism at colleges. For this reason, segregation didn't produce affirmative outcomes for implementing equal chance in society. Citizens of the United States should receive an appropriate education regardless of a person's race or class. Unfortunately, society is continuing separation due to the misuse of race and also the positioning of poverty stricken individuals by not upholding a particular prestige. "Compounding and bolstering this educational inequality is the startling socioeconomic inequality and residential segregation in the United States" (Rist 4). Isolation of African American, Hispanic, and other minorities are impacted because of their lack of wealth, and it continues to influence society negatively by reducing the equality and opportunity to be successful. Race and class are the principal issues of concern affecting education's infrastructure; to alter this hardship, individuals might have to endure to fight for good education within the United States and not count on the federal government. Instruction is being influenced by the absence of appropriate parenting abilities, scarce financial resources in school programs, and society's misinterpretation of individual's environment impacting learning capacities. One of the principal reasons for a failing education process is the lack quantity of help from parents to boost schooling. For instance, majority of parents that send their kids to impoverished schools aren't playing an active role in their children's education. Thus, there are lots of things that keep parents away from encouraging their children's instructional needs. Parents may be working more than one job to maintain a roof...

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