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Security and the Concept Car Essay

Safety and The Concept Car An area of critical importance in the area of theory design, is the improvement and comprehension of the vehicles can be made safe and benign to the environment we live in. In the last few decades the worlds population is now aware of the devastating effects our lives are having on our planets resources, and naturally our transport was held responsible for some of these issues. This subject has therefore become one of terrific interest to the creators of fresh concept cars, providing designers the chance to materialise notions which really could change the entire world. The first of these theories nevertheless, which dealt with the issues of safety, was not concerned with the surroundings' well-being, but the well-beings of the drivers themselves. In 1957 a priest called Father Alfred A. Juliano embarked on producing something which was most unexpected for a man of the fabric. Having always had a passion for art and auto design, also never acquired a scholarship in General Motors to research with Harley Earl (who later became the man known as the inventor of this iconic vehicle tail fin), Juliano made a decision to focus his creative abilities on changing road security. After designing the automobile for two years, making it for three, and paying $30,000 partially financed by his congregation, the car was complete. He had assembled the 'Aurora', which has been famous because of its first experimental security vehicle ever produced. This was unfortunately not the sole reason why the Aurora became memorable. It is clear to see (fig.13) why this vehicle is frequently said as the ugliest car ever produced, but besides its own strange and slightly unattractive appearancethat the Aurora developed attributes which were heavily undervalued. ...

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