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Life and Times of James Joyce Essay

James Augustine Aloysius Joyce was born in a wealthy suburb of Ireland only south of Dublin on February 2, 1882. The Joyce family was believed of the top class and had blood lines that could be tracked back to older Irish nobility from the nation. Their "noble" bloodstream did not prove to be enough to maintain their social status, the family's standing in society steadily diminished as James Joyce aged, and he was moving into more modest residences, a principal cause of this was due to James' father, John Joyce, who had issues with unemployment. John Joyce was an Irish Catholic who had issues with alcohol and managing money. James Joyce's dad was considered a patriot, and his influences are extremely evident in Joyce's work, especially A Portrait of an Artist as a Young Man and Ulysses. In 1888 a young Joyce was sent to what was considered one of the top preparatory schools in Ireland, a Jesuit institution, Clongowes. After conclusion in Clongowes Joyce went to Belvedere, which was located in Dublin. He then registered in Royal University, or as it's better understood, University College to finish his schooling. Joyce's years at Clongowes are portrayed in his work through Stephen Dedalus. The character does attend the college at a different time than his creator, but it is Clongowes that Joyce chose for Stephen to attend. James Joyce became increasingly interested in a group of individuals called the "Irish Literary Renaissance" and in turn became disapproving of Ireland's traditional components, the most prominent of those elements being the Catholic Church. In age twenty five Joyce left Ireland and moved to study medicine in Paris, France. He didn't return to Ireland before another year when he received word tha...

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