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History of Crucifixion Essay example

History of Crucifixion We know that in those final hours of His life Jesus was crucified. But what exactly is a crucifixion? The very first known practice of crucifixion was by the Persians. Alexander the Great and his generals introduced the practice to the Phoenicians, Egyptians and Carthaginians. The Romans discovered the practice from the Carthaginians and quickly became very efficient and skillful at it. With time the Romans made several innovations and alterations in the method of crucifixion. 1 Roman citizens were seldom crucified. Crucifixion was reserved for slaves, the lower courses and the worst types of criminals. The Christian tradition that states Peter was crucified, and Paul beheaded, agrees with the historic Roman practice of crucifixion.2 kinds of Crosses once we think of this term cross, what usually springs to mind is an upright beam projecting over a briefer cross piece . This is the kind of the cross which traditional Christian art depicts Jesus dying upon. Actually, the Romans used five different kinds of spans for crucifying people. It is unknown which kind of the cross Jesus was crucified on. The Greek word for "cross" is stauros, along with the Latin term is crux. The term primarily means "an upright stake or beam, and secondarily a stake used as an instrument for punishment and implementation. "4 The five different forms of this cross are: Crux Simplex - One vertical stake where the victim wasted or nailed. 5 Crux Commissa - (St. Anthony's cross) in the form of a capital T. 6 Crux Decussata - (St. Andrew's cross) at the shape of the letter X.7 Crux Immissa - (Latin Cross) that the traditional two beams t. 8 Greek Cross - upright and length wise beams of the identical length +. 9 The Procedur...

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