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Article Regarding The Dark Tower by Stephen King

The Dark Tower -- Stephen King The Dark Tower is a set of stories which follow the main character, Roland "The Last Gunslinger", as he journeys across a harsh desert on a quest to find the "man in black". His duty is to make it securely to the Tower in order to save himself and also the very existence of the world. The entire series revolves around the tower and just how simple it is. The tower is a cardinal point where different planes of existence merge and if Roland does not make it there before it gets destroyed then everything else will probably be destroyed and it. In the first book of the series, Roland wanders to a small town when searching for somewhere to rest and perhaps sleep for some time. Although he doesn't do anything jagged or out of the ordinary, he has accused of having an exaggeration with a spiritual lady and is driven out from the townspeople. From the Wizard and Glass section of the series, Roland's dad gives him a mission to investigate another city, in which the Mayor has chosen a woman named Susan to conceive his child on a specific night, and that she actually does not have much say in the situation. Roland ends up falling in love with Susan and they've got a secret relationship which is eventually discovered and Susan is credited to ongoing disputes involving two factions that Roland and his comrades had actually ended around that identical time. Because of this and her "betrayal" of the Mayor she's sentenced to death, similar to when Roland was being accused unfairly, because most people will blindly follow jurisdiction. An underlying theme present throughout the series is the possibility that our presence isn't the only one. According to present theories in physics, it is totally possible that our universe is merely one of many universes f.. .

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