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Don't Ask, Don't Tell Policy Essay

Today's army is a unique force in my own opinion. What makes the US Military so unique is that we have an all volunteer force. With that workforce there are rules and regulations that will need to be followed as serving our nation will be a privilege. The 'Do not Ask, Do not Tell' policy is claiming that even though it may be considered an infringement on individual rights and liberty of expression, it protects the rights of the remainder of the army and opens a loophole for gay people to serve in the armed forces. Other nations have successfully integrated gay women and men in their militaries as well as the therapy of other "minority" groups from the military. Is the "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy very powerful or even necessary to our militaries? The "Don't Ask, Do not Tell" policy implies that support men and women are not questioned regarding their sexual orientation, and they're not to talk about their sexual orientation. In 1993 U. S. Congress passed a federal law prohibiting the military service of openly gay women and men serving in the military. Despite the fact that Congrees made the legislation, it was up to the army leadership to take it out. Opposing viewpoints conditions: (Wagner) In the early 1990s, large numbers of military personnel were in relation to allowing openly gay men and lesbians serve. President Bill Clinton, who promised to lift the ban throughout his campaign, was overrun by the strength of their resistance, which threatened to overturn any executive action he would take. The compromise that has been known as "do not ask, do not tell" was thus a useful speed bump that permitted temperatures to cool for a time period while the civilization continued to evolve. The unit cohesion is premised on the assumption that.

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