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John Heartfield Essay

"The painter paints his pictures with paint, and I do it with photos" - John Heartfield, 1967 John Heartfield was born as Helmut Herzfelde in Berlin on June 19, 1891. Heartfield parent's left him and his sisters and they spent their childhood with other relatives. He worked at a book in Wiesbaden before heading to college in Munich. Heartfield had a passion for painting therefore he went to college at the Royal Bavarian Art and Crafts School in Munich. He had a chance to learn from two firm graphic designers Albert Neisgerber along with Ludwig Hohlwein. After graduating from the Royal Bavarian Art and Crafts School at Munich he gained a lot of experience. Heartfield decided to have his own career as a commercial artist, even starting away with designing book covers in Mannheim. Heartfield was still active in a college; he did most of his studying with artist Ernst Neumann at Berlin. Helmut Herzfelde altered his name to John Heartfield because of his proactive attitude and his objection to Germany's offensive war motto that says "May God Punish England." With this moment, Heartfield was still living in Germany and didn't wish to become a portion of the antics from England. World War I had been ongoing on strong and violent in 1914, and Heartfield was drafted in to the war. Heartfield wasn't accustomed to violence so, because he was reluctant to fight that he pretended that he was crazy just so that they would released him out of his duties to the army. His mad act worked and that he was released from the German army. Heartsfield experience in the war caused him to consider the role that societal realism plays in art or art forms. His name false and change plead of insanity was only a number of his most anti-German acts against the German governmen...

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