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CREATED ON 7th March 2018

Determined by the End of Life in James Dickey's The View From The Hospital Window

Everyone at some point in their lives have to arrive at the understanding that they or others around them won't live forever. As soon as they come to that moment of consciousness, they may either take death when it comes and live life to the fullest or deny and live a much sheltered life. James Dickey shows this moment of recognition in his poem "The Hospital Window" in which a child who has just finished his terminally ailing father begins to recognize the frail thing called existence is compared the fantastic component of enjoying life. Dickey's purpose to this poem would be to the reader to realize that life is a feeble thing and one needs to have that revelation for one to truly be able to treasure life and many others about oneself. Through Dickey's use of similes, metaphors, and imagery he or she is able to fully communicate his purpose for this poem and allow for his readers to have a new perspective of life from the hospital window. The way that James Dickey employs the similes permit for viewers to not only read the contrast except to feel the emotions themselves like they're the son in the poem. A region of the poem which shows the revelation of your son on life and death is if he states "the traffic rises around me/ Like a madness called back on my head," demonstrating this revelation can be a kind of madness to a, but at precisely the identical time a present to these (Dickey 32-33). Madness is most of the time known just to be related to crazy people. But, an individual has to remember a few of their most well-known individuals were people believed to be mad. The author can help you to instill the feelings that the son is going through when the son says "I tide, like a guy catching fire," showing to significance of showing love to a beloved one which you could never find again (Dickey 15). The method by which in which the kid shows hello...

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