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Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Essays

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Mozart is perhaps the best musical genius who ever lived. Mozart 's entire name is Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Most people called him Mozart or even Wolfgang. Mozart was born in Salzburg, Austria, January 27, 1756. His father, Leopold, possibly the best influence on Mozart's lifetime, was the vice Kapellmeister (assistant choir director) to the Archbishop of Salzburg in the time of Mozart's birth. Mozart was really christened as "Joannes Chrysotomus Wolfgangus Theophilus," however adopted the Latin word "Amadeus" because his title of selection. Mozart was one of seven children born to Leopold and Anna, but only another sibling survived. By the age of four it was obvious that he possessed enormous musical talent and music memory. His dad, a master violinist and composer, made a decision to enrol youthful Wolfgang in harpsichord course. At age five Mozart was composing music and from age six he'd mastered the computer keyboard. By his early teens, he had mastered the violin, piano, and harpsichord. He started composing minuets at age 5 and symphonies at age 9. In 1762, Mozart and his elder sister Maria Anna (best called Nannerl) who was also a talented keyboard player, were taken by their father on a brief performing tour, of those courts at Vienna and Munich. Encouraged with their reception, they dropped another year to get a longer tour, including fourteen days at Versailles, in which the kids enchanted Louis XV. In 1764 they came in London. Here Mozart wrote his first three symphonies, under the influence of Johann Christian Bach, youngest son of Johann Sebastian, that dwelt in the city. Back in Paris, Mozart released his original works:four sonatas for clavier: using accompanying violin at 1764. Following their return to Salzburg there followed three excursions to Italy between 1769 and 1773. In 1768 he wrote his first opera, LA FINTA SEMPLICE, for Vienna; but conflicts prevented its performance, and it was initially introduced a year afterwards at Salzburg. Mozart was a powerful composer and violinist. He used the kind of concerto (like the Symphony, in several section) to exhibit the qualities of wind instruments, such as the horn. His crowning accomplishments in concerto kind, nevertheless, are for piano and orchestra - in all 25 works. Mozart's performances of his own piano concertos had much to do with the development of the instrument. In 1770, he began to.

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