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SUBJECT AREA Arts entertainment
CREATED ON 15th February 2018

Essay Overcoming Isolation in The Samurai's Backyard, by Gail Tsukiyama

Like strolling through a barren road in a crumbling ghost city, isolation can experience hopeless and melancholy. Yet, all it requires can be an ordinary flower bud amidst the desolation showing life can really exist anywhere. That is similar to Stephen’s trip in The Samurai’s Backyard. This novel is approximately an ailing Chinese boy called Stephen who would go to a Japanese village throughout a time of battle between Japan and China to recuperate from his disease. By forming bonds with many locals and hearing their stories, he quickly matures right into a young adult. Through the entire novel, Gail Tsukiyama shows how disease forces Stephen into isolation; however, Matsu’s Sachi and back garden lead him out of solitude. When Stephen contracts tuberculosis and is delivered to Tarumi to extract, he loses his carefree childhood and falls into isolation. Having quit college and staying home to recuperate from his disease, Stephen discovers himself being delivered to his grandfather’s summer home in Tarumi, Japan. Upon arriving in Tarumi, he says, “This early autumn generally there didn’t appear to be other people here, me just, Matsu, and a comprehensive white silenceI was exhausted by enough time Matsu stopped in the front among the many bamboo fenced homes and cleared his throat to obtain my interest. My lungs were burning up and my legs had been weak” (9). In this quote, Stephen obviously indicates he has tuberculosis is physically weak because, as proven by how his “lungs had been burning” and his “legs were weak”. That is further produced by how “exhausted” he seems following the walk to the home. A lack of other folks, which ultimately shows a sheltered atmosphere, is certainly uncovered by Stephen commenting “didn’t appear to be other people here, simply me, Matsu”. This reclusive feeling is expanded a lot more by the “complete white silence”.

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