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Girls in Euripides' Alcestis, Medea, Andromache, and Bacchae Essays

Euripides portrayal of women in his plays has been somewhat bizarre. His female figures kill out of revengeand kill out of jealousy and kill because a god possessed them also. In Alcestis and Andromache Euripides does create classic heroic female characters. The girls in Medea and The Bacchae are not your typical heroines but serve to demonstrate the same theme of female liberation as the women in Alcestis and Andromache. While Alcestis is straight forward using its message, another 3 performs mask their true motives from the folks they're produced to oppose. Euripides could have been jaded by his own society because it was dominated by the very folks he wrote his plays against. Euripides disguises some of his radical ideas to people who could oppose him and in Alcestis, Andromache, Medea, and The Bacchae shows his female characters being free from oppression. In Alcestis we possess the heroic female persona Alcestis. She dies as a sacrifice to Death to ensure her husband, Admetus, can escape his own fate when his time comes. A indication that women are oppressed is that Admetus picked his wife to die for him without giving it much thought. It was just after he understood how caring and loving this woman can be, did he regret his choice. Not merely did he regret the choice created with the god Apollo, but Apollo himself belongs and has a talk with Death. This change in the opinion of Admetus in a way expresses the fact that girls are not viewed as they should be. Women should not be treated as though they have no helpful value, as was the situation if Admetus first enabled his wife to be his own sacrifice, a decision that he wouldn't have made if he had known the girl for longer. Women therefore should be valued greater than they are today,...

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