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Essay about Assistive Technology

As we live in the information age, our present society puts technology on a high pedestal. This pedestal contains each of the hi-tech, yet sophisticated gadgets, gizmos, and all of the other novel items that are inundating our families. Things such as computers and cell phones enable us to communicate through email, text message, and video (Stodden, Roberts, Picklesimer, Jackson whereas, for individuals without disabilities engineering may be employed to create activities easier to complete (Stodden et al., 2006). But just what is AT? A precise definition is essential to allow us to further elaborate on the wide topic of AT. Assistive technology identifies the items, equipment or devices, whether commercially altered or customized, that are used to increase, maintain, or improve the functioning of people with disabilities (“Fctd,”n.d.) . When these devices are intended to work by ameliorating the functional needs of individuals with disabilities they currently appear to help facilitate individ...

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