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Stereotypes of Native Americans in Modern Films Essay

Stereotypes of Native Americans in Modern Films There are many stereotypes about Native Americans which are encouraged in today's movies. Since the beginnings of the westward settlement people are saying things about the Native Americans that are not necessarily correct. They were depicted as savages and thieves. Like all peoples that is true about some, but not for all. Actually, it was the Native Americans which aided the pilgrims settle in this state in the first place. This never ceased whites from stereotyping how we have. Early movies and TV shows gave Native Americans a terrible image. Old western films are a good example of this. In these the cowboys were the good guys and the Native Americans were the bad men. More recent films and TV shows provide another image of this Native American. Since the start of tv the Americans see of this culture of the Native American has gradually shifted from being a callous savage to an admired race of people. Stereotypes of Native Americans were taught to us by our parents. Just about all of us can recall playing cowboys and Indians when we were small children. The cowboy could always be the good guy and he would pursue the Indian and shoot him with his gun. When we are taught this as little children it's hard to give up this idea as adults. Individuals still commonly call Native Americans Indians that is incorrect since that name was granted to them by Columbus when he thought he had been in India. It also makes for exciting activity in movies to get the cowboy chasing the Native American shooting and around him. This could be a significant reason why many Indian and cowboy films were made. Television promotes many stereotypes about Native Americans. Video has such.

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