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The Ideal of Marriage Essay

The Ideal of Marriage In today's society many marriages have different views of an perfect marriage. Some married couples are totally loyal, honest and respectful to one other, meaning that the wife and husband are together and living happy in there wed life, additional married couples may tend to cheat and disrespect each other, meaning the married couple aren't together or are split may be there opinion about the perfect union. From the medieval period Chaucer, writes to his audience the ideal of marriage in his stories. In Chaucer's Canterbury Tales he explains the medieval means of a ideal union In "The Wife's and Bath's Tale" and "The Franklin's Tale" suggest there own opinion on how a ideal marriage ought to be. In "The Wife's of Bath's Tale it imply that a perfect marriage should be that the wife should have complete master of her husband. Back in "The Franklin's Tale a ideal marriage is the husband and wife should be faithful and honest to one another. These two tales indicate two distinct aspects of an perfect marriage. In Chaucer's narrative "The Wife's of Baths Tale" is a story about how the perfect union ought to be. In this tale the wife explains how she sees how an perfect union ought to be. The spouse's view on marriage is to get mastery, and control the marriage. In other words allow the wife run the show, she wears the pants in the home hole, and what she says goes. In her prologue she explains her beliefs and activities involving her many husbands. Her behaviour might appear spectacular, but her wants and aspirations are difficult to explain. She enjoys men, and that she dose not like sleeping alone (Chaucer 2). The wife felt the need to be adored and have mastery regardless of what happened. Throughout her four marri...

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