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The Life and Poetry of Amiri Baraka Essay

The Life and Poetry of Amiri Baraka "To understand that you are black in a society where black is an intense liability is 1 thing, but to realize that it's the society that is lacking and incredibly deformed, and not yourself, frees you even more" (About 3). This is a direct quote from Baraka, and it outlines his beliefs nicely. Society and History have always influenced Amiri Baraka, which made him feel as though society was isolating the Black area. During his lifetime, Baraka has tried to teach the notion of equality among races and courses by way of his poetry, plays, and addresses. His idea of equality came out of his adventures while growing up during the time of the Civil Rights Movement. He held three primary ideological positions because of his position in history; they're his worth during the so called 'Beat Generation', his Black Nationalist period, along with his Marxist-Leninist period. Perhaps, to better understand his integrity, one has to have a look in his upbringing and way of life. Everette Leroy Jones was born on October 7, 1934 from the industrial town of Newark, New Jersey. His parents, Colt LeRoy Jones and Anna Lois Jones, were just two lower-middle course employees who held jobs as a postal supervisor and social worker, respectively (Young 1). Leroy went to public schools in Newark, also graduated from Barringer High School in 1951. He was given many scholarships, however, approved the one from Rutgers University. However, he was frustrated in Rutgers, and moved to Howard University. There he studied chemistry prior to turning into literature and psychology. In 1954 he ended his school career and joined the US Air Force. While there, he also arrived interested in contemporary poetry and literature, reading if possibl...

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