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The Open Boat Essay

"When it came night, the white waves passed to and fro in the moonlight, and the wind brought the sound of the wonderful sea's voice into the guys on the shore, and they felt that they could then be interpreters" (Crane 370). "The Open Boat," written by Stephen Crane, refers to the journey of four guys stranded at a dinghy in the middle of the sea and the hardships which had to be confronted as a way to survive. This story is not just a riveting story, keeping viewers on the edge of the seat, but the narrative also leaves the reader understand how precious life truly is. Sometimes people have a tendency to take life for a grain of salt and do not consider the realization that life could be taken away within the blink of a eye. In "The Open Boat," the crew members discovered they could not survive alone, and their only alternative was to work together as a staff. We have to get that same perspective toward our everyday life when we, or somebody we see, are fighting. The Captain is a major part in the narrative, along with his personality holds another crew members heads up keeping them motivated through times of distress. He had been the captain on the original ship, but after the ship sank, he become injured and couldn't physically take part in maintaining the dinghy afloat. In the beginning, the captain feels that he has lost his own sense of direction due to not being properly used to letting other people take control. Without his sense of power undamaged, '' he feels disconnected from the world, and his spirit becomes dismantled. However, as he was not able to contribute in the way he preferred, he also led the way by providing specific instructions to the different characters in order to keep the dinghy afloat. Every member in the boat follows his instructions. He controls quite respectably. This...

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