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CREATED ON 6th February 2018

Essay about Character Profiles out of O'Neils Long Days Journey Into Night

Character Profiles from O'Neils Long Days Journey Into Night Description: James Tyrone is 65 Years Old, but seems to be in early 50's. He's about 5ft 8inches tall, so is broad-shouldered, and deep-chested but appears taller and slimmer due to his soldierly posture. Walks tall, head up, chest out, stomach in and shoulders squared. Very attractive for being elderly, he's deep set dark brown eyes and thinning grey hair. Sports a full white beard. Personality can be described as cheap, penny- pinching and uncooperative. Has a very powerful standing of alcoholism and frequently ends to denial when confronted with serious troubles. Not to be reliable. To fix serious family problems. Relationships: Married to Mary, of whom he is afraid to confront about such problems as her abuse and addiction to drugs. Won't try to address issues, but basks in alcohol as a way of forgetting them. James is father to Jamie (who appears to have inherited alcoholism) and Edmund (who's dying of "intake"). James often blames Jamie's drinking and brothel frequenting for the family's problems, forcing Jamie further into his pit of grief. James appears dismissive of Edmund who, being sick, costs great amounts of money to take care of and insists on turning on the lights. James himself tries to not add to the household's troubles directly, but in avoiding them so much as to turn to drinking so as to forget them entirely, he almost triples the melancholy and dysfunction. Attitude: Because of a hard time for a child, helping to raise a household with his struggling mother, James Tyrone climbed up spending cash as little as you can. He grew up learning to find the cheapest route, learning how to save every possible dime and studying that others flourish off their p.. .

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