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Writer about The Cowboy Figure

The Cowboy Figure The figure of the cowboy is prominent, not just in America's history, but also in contemporary society. The cowboy has always been regarded as the epitome of liberty, machismo and individuality, and his character maintains a certain romantic quality of it. Riding the stove along with his trusty horse, then hammering the frontier, and exposing herself to the winner of the wilderness, even the Allied lives for himself alone and yet he lives the life of which the rest of society could only fantasize. The cowboy, daring hero of the West, is now a cultural icon. One literary critic, Sara Spurgeon, sums up that the cowboy dream by saying that: the figure of the cowboy personifies America's most cherished myths - blending ideas of American exceptionalism, Manifest Destiny, rugged individualism, frontier flames, and communion together and conquest of their natural worldThe icon of this sacred cowboy is among our potent national fantasies, viable in all from blue jeans to auto advertisements to hot movies. (79) The issue which remains, then, is the reason why the cowboy figure is indeed appealing. How has he survived in the time of industrialization and engineering? Maybe the cowboy represents what's pure and untamed, and is a design on which to base a longing for a purer time in history along with a more authentic, amazing, and organic presence on the planet. As Spurgeon points out, the cowboy figure is most commonly associated with freedom, self-reliance, along with individualism. These merits are the principal elements of the American dream; they are the things that every American allegedly aspires toward. The distance of the cowboy isn't defined by boundaries or fences, but in fact it is characterized by the lack of them; he is lord of...

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