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Does the Outcome of this Antigone Suggest That Creon Was Wrong from the Start?

Sophocles' Antigone is, at its simplest, a tragedy of mistakes and struggle. In the play, the laws of the gods are set up against the laws of person, as well as the two seem irreconcilable as the principles are upheld by both opposing characters, Creon and Antigone respectively. Truly, Wilkins and Macleod determine that at Antigone 'not only is there conflict, there is also a refusal even to recognise the other's point of view' (23). Thus Chorus significantly warn contrary to the pursuit of extremes and sing about the requirement for men to recreate individual and divine lawenforcement: After he weaves from the legislation of their land, along with the justice of the gods which binds his oaths together he and his city increase high (409-12) In this essay I plan to show how Creon systematically opted to exalt state legislation over celestial law and the way the end of the drama - as Creon loses his son, wife, niece and status - tragically illustrates the seriousness of his error. I will discuss how much Creon and his dogmatic beliefs pile tragedy onto his mind, whether he had been correct at tenaciously pursuing those beliefs, and whether he can be blamed for demanding unquestioned obedience to the state laws. In addition, I intend talk about the role which other characters - especially Antigone - performed in contributing to this catastrophe at the end of Antigone. There is a powerful case to be put forward for Creon's personal responsibility for his tragedy at the end of Antigone. Although the Chorus are hopeful in their new chief - 'Creon, the new man for the new day' (line 174) - that the very first thing that the audience listen about Creon is the 'martial law' (line 37) which he has imposed on the city of Thebes (we learn this indirectly from Antigone). In addition, he sent a proclamation to prohibit th...

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