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Essay about Picture Perfect

Picture Perfect Pictures help revisit memories. Now, these pictures are retaken before the picture looks just right. This type of camera is referred to as a digital camera, a device that displays a picture in a picture detector to process the picture. This mechanism exhibits the images on the camera screen, and all of the images are saved on a memory card. If desired, undesirable pictures are deleted off the camera. Many distinct versions, in most sizes and prices, can be found for many photographers. A digital camera, though complex to some, is a great investment in a world with constant change in technology. The camera was considered for many generations. The very first camera was known as the camera obscura (8). This was a box with a hole on one side which would process a picture (8). The machine inverted the image received through the hole and projected it on the opposite side of the box (8). From the early 1800s, Nicephore Niepce developed the initial permanent picture (8). He used a unique photosensitive compound paper which took eight hours to develop (8). As time went on, exposure time decreased and improvements have been seen. In 1888, George Eastman, the founder of the Kodak Company, introduced the box camera. The box camera has been smaller compared to the camera obscura and currently available to the public for the first time. The camera has advanced since the first picture was taken. Digital cameras have been devised to stay current with the recent technology. One example was NASA’s desire to send images of distance to Earth (Marples). NASA used a CCD, or a charge coupled device (Marples). A CCD is a computer chip that allows the fluctuations of light into electrical waves (Marples). The first try resulted in cloudy photographs, and also a much better option was needed (Marpl...

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