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Rebecca Cammisa's Documentary, Which Way Home Essay

I've heard fascinating stories about vans and cars full of Mexicans being pulled , taken to the border authorities and deported back to their home as they attempt to cross the border. A number of them are fortunate enough to make it throughout their travel while others lose their own lives. Every year a lot of people try to enter illegally in the United States to find success in their life, to get a better job and sometimes to get combined with their families. There's no doubt that the journey of crossing the boundary is very dangerous and sometimes life threatening. It's understandable when adults are attempting to risk their life in search of a better life but when minors take exactly the identical attempt and risk their lifetime what are we supposed to do as parents or family? From the movie Which Way Home manager Rebecca Cammisa reveals the journey that many unaccompanied minors attempt with the expectation of migrating across the Mexican-U.S. border for a better life is actually a potentially fatal passing. ВЂњEach year, the Border Patrol apprehends 100,000 children try to input the US” (That Way Home). By showing different consequences of crossing border Cammisa attempts to create awareness among parents and even in the children. Parents should not give permission to their children to cross the border and children who have no parents also should not attempt and cross it. Through her documentary, she tries to educate teenagers and their parents about the risks and dangers of crossing the border illegally. In the documentary Cammisa shows that there are people who know about the possible consequences, but still ignore it, and at the end they regret of taking such an attempt. Through her documentary Cammisa also warns them to not make such conclusions because at the end they're not...

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