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Comparing Two Biographies of the Guru Oscar Wilde Essay

Comparing Two Biographies of the Guru Oscar Wilde If someone had informed Oscar Wilde throughout his life that for another hundred years, people would still be taking the time to write about his life and achievements, he probably would have wittily announced it impossible for anyone to attempt and respect him as much as he admired himself. But, two of his biographers, Frank Harris and Barbara Belford, have done just that. Harris, in 1916, sixteen years after Wilde's death, released his biography, Oscar Wilde, as a memoir of his own cherished relationship with Wilde, for whom he'd served as literary editor and friend. Just last year in 2000, after a popular film remake of An Ideal Husband, Belford printed Oscar Wilde: A Certain Genius, a tribute to the man and the literary works for which he's famous. Oscar Wilde provides an intimate portrait of this poet, playwright, and self-described aesthete. Born one year after Wilde, in 1855, Frank Harris was considerably more than the usual modern. He lived in the exact same London social circles, knew the very same people, and engaged in the very same events as Wilde, frequently by his side. Harris' biography, which is much more a recounting of this conversation involving Harris and his subject than a clear-cut story of Wilde's life, is directed to people outside the loop, those Victorians who chased Wilde, seeing his life as just as one controversy after another. By focusing heavily on Wilde's education and the intense scrutiny of his lifestyle from England's movers and shakers, he presents Oscar Wilde as a innocent genius whose passionate love of the screenplay, art, words, and life in general made him a sufferer in Victorian 1890s London. Harris uses the insight of his.

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