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Danielle Steel's The Ring - A Combination of Fiction and Background Writer

Danielle Steel's The Ring - A Blend of Fiction and History Can a storyline, setting, and characters in a fictitious story be derived from real historic events and will the two blend together? The special writing style of Danielle Steel merges true historical events with fiction in a way that leaves the reader emotionally touched. In her story, The Ring, Steel doesn't show a partition between fictitious personalities and factual historical events. Actually, the two are intertwined so well that the reader can envision the fictitious characters as actual characters through a dreadful period of our history, World War II. In reality, historic setting has quite a significant effect on this particular work of fiction. With no historical setting this narrative couldn't occur. The Ring by Danielle Steel follows a chronological order of the emergence of World War II from Germany, bringing along with it economical turmoil, political ailments, and the general insecurity and anxiety. This specific story is a direct outcome of background, which Danielle Steel combines very well with fiction. Although the characters are fictitious, they match perfectly into the historic setting. For instance, Ariana, the protagonist in The Ring, has observed firsthand the human-made death and devastation of World War II, just as many sufferers had seen through the actual war. '' When she moves with her husband, Manfred, to the Opera house, she's reminded that the war is still occurring in Germany. "Even on Christmas night the war ended with them and at the distance they can hear the flames"(Steel 164). Ariana has also seen the atrocities as a result of the development of this war. For instance, when she is looking for her husband, she's upon "a stack o.. .

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