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Supporting Women's Empowerment Essay

Abstract Women empowerment is much talked about a problem by academicians, political leaders and social scientists as regards to concepts such as gender equality, financial freedom, social inclusion, power etc.. However there's a dire need of conceptual clarity of the term empowerment. This is sometimes done by delineating it with the above overlapping theories and suggesting inclusive approach towards enabling women themselves to seriously review their own situation and participate in creating and forming the society as agents of change themselves. Girls themselves want to define the term empowerment which cannot be defined concerning specific activities or end results as it involves a process whereby women can freely analyze, develop and voice their needs and interests, without them being pre-defined, or imposed from above. Masculinity Equality and Women?s Empowerment: There could be statistical evidence indicating improvements in indicators of gender equality, but unless the intervening process involved women as agents of that change, an individual can't term it . Gender equity or equality indicates the degree of equivalence in life impacts for men and women, recognizing their different needs and interests and requiring a redistribution of resources and power. The girls needs to build the conceptual framework of electricity for her and just then the notion of women empowerment and equality could maintain significance. This paper conceptualizes the issues of women empowerment through making her an agent of change for her very own equivalence and analyzing the various domains where empowerment can be applied and discussed. 1. Economic engagement 2. Economic opportunity . Political empowerment 4. Educational attainment...

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