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Castell's Postion About African Americans and the Identity Crisis They are Facing

Within every society there are social concepts individuals decide to (and at times are compelled to) use as a model for social identity construction. The availability of a varietal selection of resources for social identity structure is often limited by the boundaries put in place by the various society. When the bounds set on social identity structure changes the access to social identity structure resources increases. The prior legal limitations in South Africa and America assigned certain classes and ethnicities with particular race classes. But when the aforementioned countries became liberal the various races and classes failed identity reconstructions and shaped this round ethnicity. Macionis and Plummer (2012) define ethnicity as a shared historical and cultural heritage. No longer bound by the legislation people moved to various ethnicities and rebuilt themselves. However other factors maintain the bounds on social identity such as financial resources. This moving away from previous ethnicities will be referred to as ‘˜ethnic unbonding’ for the intent of this essay. Hence in an effort to create an understanding of cultural unbonding and its effects between groups who formerly shared ethnicities this informative article will summarize Castell's position regarding African-Americans and the identity crisis that they are undergoing (or were in the 1990s). Furthermore the condition of ethnicity in South Africa will be followed by the comparing and contrasting of Castells’ place concerning the identity conflicts involving African-American and the state of ethnicity in South Africa. Through the use of Marcia’s theory a debate that a similar scenario to the African American situation wil...

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