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Essay on Alias Grace by Margaret Atwood

Margaret Atwood's novel, Alias Grace, nominated for the Arthur Ellis Award for Best Novel, depicts a young 16 year old woman who is found guilty of killing her employer and his fan in conspiracy with James McDerrmott. James McDermott is set to death by hanging, but Grace is attracted to prison since she is of those "weaker sex." This can be a reflection of the construction of femininity and masculinity of their mid and early nineteenth century. A social problem of the Victorian era was women being treated as subordinate to men. Queen Victoria states, "Victorian style of sex rested on the belief that women were both physically and sexually the poor sex"(YILDIRIM). Girls were viewed as highly vulnerable to getting mentally ill due to this belief. Girls were subject to just be "housewives." The novel, Alias Grace, correctly shows the building of this gender identity through society, sexuality, and emotion while challenging it throughout Grace's mom and Mrs. Humphrey. Society shows the stereotypical manner of thinking from the Victorian age: women are inferior to men. This can be observed through Mary Whitney. Mary Whitney informs Grace what her intentions should be and how she should behave: "This is a habit for young women within this country to hire themselves out, in order to earn money for their dowries, and then they would marry, and when their husbands suggested they would shortly be hiring their own servants in their turn and they, --could be mistress of some sterile farmhouse, and independent" (Atwood 182). Mary Whitney is explaining to Grace that a girl should get married to allow her to become prosperous. This is the gender structure of the moment, and she is attempting to get Grace to take on such a job. This is quite true to the a.. .

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