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Quest for Purpose in the Novels of Kurt Vonnegut Essay

Quest for Purpose in the Novels of Kurt Vonnegut Kurt Vonnegut's personal experiences force him to question both the moot cruelties and conflicting paradigms in existence. As another generation German-American and a opinion of Dresden's bombing during World War II, he sees firsthand the pointless destruction of the humans are able (Dictionary 494). He devotes his functions to understanding the disorderly, cruel world he encounters. According to Peter Reed, Vonnegut's works feature a "...protagonist in pursuit of meaning in an absurd world" (500). While struggling to understand the disordered universe around them, Vonnegut's protagonists try to become fulfilled individuals by knowing the purpose of individual life. As he probes the disorderly nature of the universe, Vonnegut, based on Ernest Ranly, "...appears obsessed with real individual questions, about war, peace, technologies, human joy" (454). Vonnegut's works reveal an obsessive urge to answer these inquiries, and he investigates them by narrating quests for order and purpose in human life. According to Stanley Schatt, Vonnegut "...believes passionately in both the value of the individual and the demand for human love and compassion" (348). Vonnegut's beliefs become apparent as the searchers invariably realize Vonnegut's fact: the world is too chaotic to comprehend, so the secret to dictate in their own lives is simply kindness. In Vonnegut's novel, Galapagos, '' the narrator, Leon Trout, tries to understand humankind's cruelty after seeing the Vietnam War's brutality and lack of purpose. As a marine in "...a nearly endless, thankless, terrifying, and, eventually, pointless war..." (Galapagos 254), Trout struggles to come to conditions w.. .

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