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CREATED ON 8th January 2018

Composing on Effect of 9/11/01 about Aviation

September 11, 2001 is a day that will forever live in infamy within the hearts and minds of all American citizens. On this morning, the world saw live the destruction and devastation that terrorism can deliver directly into our own garden. Shocking images of the entire catastrophe can nevertheless be viewed on television even today, a whole six months afterwards, yet even today it still seems unimaginable. As most Americans know, the Federal Government has executed a large amount of modification to our overseas and domestic policies as a result of 9/11. The most obvious of them in our daily lives could be understood in our country's airports. Huge sums of resources and money have been invested to help ensure that this kind of travesty won't ever happen again. The Purpose of this essay is to give examples of how these efforts have shifted airport security and how they have personally changed my life for a checkpoint security screener. Immediately after the second plane struck the World Trade Center, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) closed down every airport in the United States. It might be three days until any non-military aircraft entered the atmosphere over our nation. Airports were permitted to re-open, but very strict safety guidelines were put in position. No longer could people who followed passengers be allowed to venture beyond security checkpoints, and passengers themselves needed to be subjected to many more checks. When U.S. airports resumed business, all of the flying public needed to go through secondary random bag searches and hand wand metal detector searches. The FAA issued new security directives within a nearly daily basis, consequently changing checkpoint processes quite often. These procedure changes ranged by the usage of passenger pat down searches to explosive tracing of shoes and laptop computers. Obviously, not only the people but also security personnel found themselves perplexed throughout the screening procedure. Besides new checkpoint policies, the FAA also faked new security tips for airport ticket counters and boarding gates. After September, airline patrons found it considerably more difficult to board flights. One ran the risk in the ticket counter of being randomly selected for a full baggage search. This search involves the inspection of every thing that a passenger brings together, incl...

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